Account Director UK

London, England, United Kingdom | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Vested Account Directors are responsible for developing the marketing and communications strategies for their clients, managing team members to ensure programs are being executed effectively and within budget, and retaining and growing their portfolio of accounts.  Account Directors are viewed as one of the ultimate leads on the overall account and will be held accountable for the satisfaction of their clients as well as the motivation/effectiveness of their teams and direct reports. 


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Leads and participates in new business pitches - actively participating in first, second and final meetings as well as developing and finalizing proposals and programs
  • Identifies new areas of business or programs that we can package, sell and deliver
  • Proactively identifies areas in which Vested can improve as a business
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of the overall financial services industry, with knowledge across buy- and sell-side, banking, capital markets and more, from front- to back-office as well as associated areas such as fintech
  • Is able to hold honest, “tough” conversations with client contacts to ensure the client is happy and the account is retained or growing
  • Sees client in one-to-one settings
  • Client goes to you as primary strategic contact for major issues or for creative ideas
  • Helps lead planning and strategy workshops with clients to map business/comms goals and can build effective marketing and communications strategies that achieve those goals
  • Identifies where team members may be struggling and works to bring them up, train them, mentor them